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This website's goal is different from many others'. Although it is true that we will deal with website design, there will be a different recipient. The vast majority of Web design sites have the designer as a goal, they offer advice, comments, forums and design techniques for them to apply. Our case is different: our goal is the entrepreneur, the person who has a website project for his own company and knows nothing about the subject. On this site, you will find all the tools needed for the proper creation of your own corporative site and you will learn things that will help you develop a better relationship with the designer and, therefore, enhance his task.

Web design, as other types of designs, has an active client. It means that paying for the service is not enough, you also need to be actively involved in the creation of the website. It is clear that the designer will be in charge of making the sketches and using the graphic tools. However, a design job cannot be properly carried out without the participation of the client because it needs to be done together with the person who asks for it. There are different levels for this activity: you can accept or reject ideas or supply new ideas, suggestions, etc. In any of these cases, the goal must be having a good, respectful, useful, efficient, and nice relationship with the designer.

The entrepreneur knows about the importance of having a website on the Internet but he may not know how to create one. This website's aim is to help you solve this problem. We want you to know everything you need to develop a great website. With that goal in mind, we have divided this website in thematic sections with a pedagogical order: what you learn on one section will be taken for granted on the following one. That is the reason why we suggest that you should respect the order we propose for your reading. Nevertheless, we are aware that many people read less carefully on the Internet than on paper and prefer reading the topics they are more interested in. That is why we have written each section in relation with the previous one. At the same time, each section has its own autonomy to be read apart. You will choose whether to follow our suggestions or read the sections apart; both of them are viable options.

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Each section on this website tries to deal with the topic we need to communicate at its full length. It means that we do not extensively deal with a topic; we only talk about the things you may be interested in. For example, we do not talk about how to create an animation in flash that functions as the background of the webpage. We just explain what an animation is and its advantages and disadvantages. On the section called Web design, we develop the concept and the main features of an Internet website. The section called What is the function of a website? presents the basic and main functions of an Internet webpage. Typography and colors deals with these two elements that are so important for designing and need special attention. Corporative identity is a section in which we present and explain this concept and we deal with the topic of incorporating a website to this homogeneous group. Finally, in Parts of a website you will find all the words designers use and you will choose how to create a website bearing in mind graphic tools and extra-design concepts.

Nowadays, having a website on the Internet is essential and it has to properly represent the company because that is its function. Nobody wants to waste money on something that damages the image of the company. That will happen if the job is not carried out properly. You do not need to be a genius or an expert to efficiently deal with it but you need to know certain features to work with freedom and knowledge. We do not teach you how to extinguish a fire; we show you the exit: the firefighters will deal with the fire and the designers will deal with the design, you just need to do your job; do not get stuck in the middle of the fire and need to be rescued.

Welcome to this Web design site applied to the enterprise. We wish to help you as much as possible on this new undertaking and we also wish you good luck. We invite you to visit this space especially created for you. Thanks for choosing us.

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