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Home page:

It is the first page of the website. A website has a group of pages or sections. On the home page of the website there is usually a presentation of the company and the website. From the home page, you can enter all the sections of the site. It has a similar design to the rest of the pages. In fact, there is nothing different on the home page design. It is just the first page where you enter and the one that formally presents the company.


A website has many sections (generally between 4 and 9). On each section, there is a certain topic of interest for the company. For example, there may be a section with the products catalogue, another one about contacting the company, another one with the promotions, etc. The important point is that each of them needs to be different form the others and their names should be easy to recognize so that users do not spend too much looking for them.


The photographs that appear on the website could be yours or taken from some stock on the Internet. If you cannot afford hiring a photographer, you'd better use the ones on the Internet if they are good quality photos. Bad quality home photographs may ruin the website design.


The header is the part of the website that demands more effort. The header is the one that heads all the sections of your website. Contact addresses and even thumbnails to enter different sections may appear on the header.

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They are used to enter different sections. They demand a lot of effort as regards design because they need to be nice, easy to use and different from the ones that already exist. Thumbnails may seem pushed or with a certain characteristic to show that the user is on the right section. A «mouse over» is frequently used too. It is a programming function that works when you order the thumbnail to do a certain thing (get illuminated, get marked, etc) when you pass the mouse over it, even though you do not click it.

E-mail accounts:

When you buy a website, you should also hire a hosting service. It means a space on a company's computer that offers Web hosting. By doing this, you could have many accounts with the name that you desire form your site. You website may have a domain ( and you could have e-mail accounts with the name


They are used in the contact section in the first place, but they can be used in other sections too. A contact form has different fields (name, e-mail address, company, etc.) that need to be filled and another filed where the person may write his enquiry. What is written there will arrive at your e-mail address On a form, you may add as many fields as you wish.


It is an animation that comes before seeing the website. In our opinion, it is a waste of money because nobody sees it; everybody skips it.

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