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We've seen that the features of a website are interactivity, its virtual office condition and its presence on the market. Let's see what its functions are. Having a website will help your company carry out an excellent marketing campaign. In fact, the names of these three functions are taken from the marketing terminology because they function in coordination. Advertising, promotion and sales venues are the names of the three basic functions of a website. Each of them offers a different commercial benefit for your company. Nevertheless, these functions work, as we have said, in coordination. You may think one is more important than the other but, at the very end, all these tools are necessary for the creation of the website and all of them must be taken into account.


There are differences between traditional advertising and the one used on the Internet. In fact, their main difference is the element they emphasize. Traditional advertising focuses on the ad itself. Internet advertising focuses on the website. The traditional advertising shows two kinds of ads: the ones that show that the product has unbelievable skills and the ones that touch the public with an argument. The first ones generally show cleaning products. You can see the products removing spots that are generally impossible to remove in that way. However, their goal is to introduce the product in an extraordinary way to cause a good impression on the recipient. What the ad shows may not be true but it causes a good impression. The product is introduced on the TV screen without Ā«informingĀ» about it; it is just creating a nice and impressive science fiction ad. The other type of ad is the one that touches the recipient's heart. On this case, a story is shown and the product appears on a second place or it does not appear at all. The speech mentions the product's most important values for the recipient to get the message. Finally, the product is introduced and the emotion caused through the story and through the speech is transmitted to the product. It is a very useful mechanism and has great commercial results.

In the case of the Internet, the ads have almost the same role. The ads are not carried out on the product but on the corporative site (generally). On websites related to your own website, you may add links to it. These links have nothing to do with the ads mentioned before; they are simple texts which inform about the existence of a certain website and directly send the user to it. The right moment to touch the user's heart is when he enters the website. It means that the commotion is not produced by the ad but by what has already been informed. With traditional advertising does not happen the same. That is the reason why the designer's task is so important and has to be well focused to carry out an effective ad.

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Promotion consists on turning a product into a very desirable one by adding more things to it. It means that you will add products, services or whatever you need to it to make it more attractive. This generally takes place when a product is about to be launched or when it loses sales. These are the three possible ways to promote on your website:

  • You can stick a label to your promoted products with a code next to the website's address and a brief explanation of the promotion. The promotion consists in giving the opportunity to those who buy these products to enter a hidden space on your website where they may print free cinema or theatre tickets, or tickets for any show they may be interested in. To get these tickets, the user will write the code printed on the label of promotion. This kind of promotion not only will help you increase the sales; it will also attract people that did not know about the existence of your website and have just bought the products due to their promotion. In other types of promotions, the clients last what the promotion lasts; with this type of promotion, you are attracting people and, therefore, you can establish stronger and lasting bonds with them.
  • Another option is to offer discount coupons in a special space of the website. These coupons will be used to buy the promoted products at a lower price. These coupons will be at hand if you enter the pointed place and can be directly printed to use them at shops. This strategy will result in a constant traffic on your website because people will be trying to find out if there are new promotions every day. To get a better benefit from this, you may ask users to write their names and e-mail addresses, and ask them if they want to receive the company's advertising. By doing this, you can establish a stronger bond with the clients and send them information about new products, promotions, etc. Remember that in order to send this information, you need the user's approval.
  • Finally, you may publish bargains on your website. The bargains will be only known through the website. It may seem that the publishing is shortened by doing this, but you are wrong. If you have placed your website correctly by hiring a SEO, you will have enough traffic and users will be well informed all the time. However, when getting the information about the bargains, the user will think he is the only one who knows about it and will try to take advantage of it.

Sale venues:

One of the main goals of any marketing campaign is to open, enhance and renew the sale venues. You will get more benefits if you have many sale venues and your company will be stronger and more reliable. Therefore, you cannot miss the chance of having a website on the most important sale venue on the planet. A website gives you the opportunity to buy things from any part of the world, with no time or distance limits. If you hire the Web service to carry out an e-commerce site (a website where people can buy) the commercial benefits will be even greater.

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