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Typography and colors are two very important elements in a website design. However, there are other elements that are important too. Therefore, why do we talk about these two? Clients generally think about these two elements very carefully. They usually tend to choose the colors or the typography of their website instead of thinking whether or not they want a high relief on a thumbnail. That is why we will talk about the things you need to bear in mind to make the right decision. Regarding typography, we will deal with three points: the verbal message, the non-verbal message and the type of letter. As regards colors, we will talk about the semantic nature, its conventional needs and its printing skills.

First, we will deal with the three topics related to typography:

  • Verbal message: The verbal message is composed by the words written with the chosen type of letter. This fact has no mystery at all; it is just to set the difference with the following one.
  • Non-verbal message: It is the information you transmit from the type of letter you are using to write the texts. This point deals with the connotation that the typography provides to the verbal message. You may write a wonderful text on your website but if the typography you are using is not the right one, the text loses power. If you are explaining that your company is a century years old, that it offers the backup you need, etc, and you write all this information with a funny typography, the message will not be effective. Taking into consideration the last example, the recipients will get a serious verbal message and a funny non-verbal message. This opposition seriously damages the company. That is why the typography depends on the message you want to deliver and not on the client's or designer's personal preferences.
  • Typeface: The typography is divided into serif and sans serif. The first one uses serifs, bars that cut the letters and give them a certain ending, and is antique. The second typeface is more modern and does not have serifs. Serifs were used some time ago because the tools people used to have could not give the letters an accurate ending. They needed to engrave the cast of the letter to get a clear ending. Due to the advance in technology, serifs were no longer needed. In graphic devices, the serif typeface is used because it has been proved that the orphic help follow the reading and avoid tiredness and dispersion. However, sans serif is used on longer texts because the screens cannot precisely define the serif ending and this fact results in a kind of blurry vision on the text with serfis, making the reading more difficult.

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Now, let's deal with the three topics related to color:

  • Semantic nature: Colors, as any other design element, transmit a message. We could make a comparison between delivering information through colors and the non-verbal feature of the typography. It means that colors also have influence over the message. The meaning of the colors is conventional and has to do with time: according to the time we live in and daily conventions, colors get relatively static meanings. Thus, you have to choose the colors according to their meaning.
  • Conventional needs: When you choose a color for your website, you have to take into account the colors used by the kind of activity you are involved in to be well identified. Each type of service line or product has its own pre-established colors and you should respect them. Using other colors could result in the break up with the service line and the consumers will think you do not belong to it. This fact will have a bad commercial influence on your company.
  • Printing skills: The colors used on your website belong to the RGB color palette. These colors are the ones used on digital devices and televisions because they can reproduce them. However, printers reproduce colors that belong to the CMYK color palette. This one is smaller than the other one and that is why there are RGB colors that do not exist in CMTK. If you want to print something from your website, the designer will need to transform the RGB into CMYK colors so that you can see how they will be printed in advance. By doing this, colors will suffer a modification to adjust to the existing colors from the smaller palette. Nevertheless, this happens very frequently and it is not so evident, so there is no need to worry.

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