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Web design is a branch of graphic design. Its goal is to plan, modify and create a website. As any other branch of design, Web design turns the client's ideas into material objects: on this particular case, graphic objects. That is why the job of the person in charge of it is so important. The job of designing needs the active participation of the client because he is the one in charge of supplying ideas and concepts for the website as well as accepting or rejecting the sketches, presentations, suggestions, etc, the designer offers.

Web design is the only way to get an accurate corporative site: a friend who «has a notion of design» or a great programmer cannot do what the designer does. A friend who «has a notion» may be of a great help and the job of a programmer is absolutely essential but the graphic aspect of a website and its presentation depend on the Web designer. The designer is in charge of making a «beautiful» website and sending a commercial message. He looks forward to creating an attractive website bearing in mind advertising and commercial aspects. Mixing all this is not so easy. You need an expert.

Let's talk about the features of a website. Knowing all its features will allow you to carefully think about it and take advantage of them. This information will give you the tools to think which the characteristics you care the most are and the ones you want to emphasize. Although the given information looks conceptual, we'd rather show it like this way because, if we did it in a practical way, you could get confused and misinterpret its advantages.


Every element of design transmits a message. Designs send a message to the recipient for him to analyze it. The website is an exception. Due to its configuration, a website offers the recipient of the commercial message the opportunity to answer it and receive, at the same time, a response form the company. Through the contact section, people will be able to communicate with you and tell you their doubts, suggestions, preferences, likes, wishes, etc, and you will also have the chance to answer them and establish a dialogue. This fact is very useful because it will give you the chance to have a familiar dialogue with the public and get information to enhance your offers and carry out an excellent marketing campaign. This kind of interaction is called user-company interaction.

But there is another kind of interaction called user-site interaction. On this case, the user sets a relationship and modifies the website without human intervention. The traditional design elements cannot be modified and transmit only a unique and simple message. On the other hand, a website offers all the necessary information about the company in a way that the user is the person in charge of choosing what he really wants to know. The user looks for the information he wants on the Internet. Bearing this in mind, users usually get the information in a better way because that is something they wanted to know before and it is not something the company has imposed on them.

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Virtual office:

Before industrialization and globalization, communities had an everyday relationship with the company or the factory that worked in their zone. All the members of these communities knew the company's building and it was the reference spot to relate with it. However, nowadays nobody knows where the building of a company is and the vast majority of people do not know the percentage of the existing companies. The destruction of the small communities and the market frontiers have turned the companies into something abstract, in a concept that exists only in the consumers' minds. Some time ago, the reference spot was the building; nowadays the reference spot is the corporative website. Through a website, consumers communicate with the company and have a space to transmit their doubts or ask for special information.

This new way of introducing a company to the public has an important advantage for small and medium-sized companies. These companies do not have a building to compete with that of a great corporation because they cannot carry out expensive building modifications. However, they are able to have a great website or even better than that of a multinational corporation. This facility is an extraordinary advertising tool and you cannot let it go.

Presence on the market:

The Internet is the most important place to look for companies, products and services. Having a space on the Internet involves a great growth for your company and its fame. The right place and presentation on the Internet is a very effective mechanism to carry out for sales, fame and prestige. Appearing on the most visited place will have a direct effect on your daily sales and its recognition. Being on the Internet is very useful because it's a place that everybody visits, including your target group.

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