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Corporative identity is a homogeneous group of design elements that form the image of a company. Through the colors, textures, typography, shapes, etc, you will be creating a message that will be the same in all the advertising designs of your company. The need to keep the similitude of the designs is to maintain a reliable message; by doing this, the message will always be the same. By keeping the message, the recipients will get it right. The message will be better and will increase its power with a variety of designs.

The corporative Logo is used to set the limits designs should respect. The Logo is the first element you need to launch a product into the market. Without a Logo, a product cannot be sold. Thus, this element is used to set the limits the other designs should follow. That is why we emphasize its importance from the very beginning: it is essential and it sets the limits.

After the Logo, in order of importance, we find the corporative website. As time has passed, this element has turned into one of the most important ones for a company and it has to respect the limits set by the other designs. What may happen if a website does not respect the already set features? Before answering this question, we have to say that each design has and needs its own parameters, those that set the difference so that the whole group is not a uniform mass without a meaning. A good designer combines the respect for the corporative identity limits and the developing of the parameters of each of the designs. Now, we can answer the previous question.

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If a website does not respect the needed limits to keep the same message, two things may occur:

  1. Due to the importance of a website, consumers may not consider the differences between the website and the other designs as a mistake. The public will think that the company cannot be wrong, that the company will never deliver a wrong message on a website. Therefore, the site is not considered a failure and the public will understand the message taking into account the other designs from the Web design. This means that the public will think that the website is very well designed and that they are getting the right message, and what had already occurred is that they had misunderstood the message before. If this really happens, the other designs may transmit the wrong message transformed by the public form the website design. Of course, the new message should not drive the old clients away.
    If this occurs, the whole corporative identity will be affected and this may result in a problem. But this could also occur:
  2. A bad design may be recognized by the public. If this occurs, the public will immediately delete the group of design elements that represent the company from the website. This fact is not that terrible as the previous one because it has a solution. However, it involves a waste of time and the design will not make sense if the job is not well done. Nobody wants to waste money and time on a website that will not be considered by the public.

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